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Everyone experiences a down day sometimes, but for some, these feelings persist. Countless numbers of people are affected by depression in their lives. Depression is complex, and it takes time to heal. But that doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with you--depression is a problem with the way the thinking, feeling, habit, and reward circuits in the brain are communicating with and regulating each other. Fortunately, there are small daily steps you can take to alter the activity and chemistry of key brain circuits that contribute to depression. These adjustments in your habits can offer a little more joy and meaning back into your life and can help you feel calmer, happier, and more connected to the people and things that are important to you. Start small, start simple, and you’ll feel positive improvements in your wellbeing. It's important to recognize that you don't need to find your way through depression all on your own. There's a whole field of mental health professionals who can help. While this routine provides many useful steps for overcoming depression, for many people the most important step is getting into therapy or even just contacting a mental health professional. Resources: SAMHSA's National Helpline 1-800-662-HELP is a free, confidential referral and information service for those facing mental health disordersNational Institute of Mental Health offers Shareable Resources on Depression to help raise awareness and provide education about depression.
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